Alicia Harper Horse Trainer for Over Fences

How much does it cost to have my horse trained?

This too is also a common question. Horses are usually taken in on training on a monthly basis. A monthly rate is usually advertised by a trainer and is dependent on a number of factors including:

  • the qualifications of the trainer
  • the quality of the facility
  • the current market value
  • price of hay, sawdust, feed and land in your area

Our training here is offered for $1000 a month including board of the horse.


The amount of time it takes to train the horse varies based on another number of factors including:

  • current training level of the horse
  • level of horse expected
  • experience of the trainer
  • demeanor of the horse

As you can see there are a number of factors which can affect how much it could cost to get your horse trained. Generally speaking there are three instances we see horses come into training. That is to be broke to ride (the horse has never been ridden before), to address a problem in its training (it doesn’t want to pick up its canter lead) or for additional experience. The latter is usually when I see them, mostly because owners are looking to get their horse some experience in the show ring and/or over fences. Perhaps the horse has never jumped before.


Although I have seen them thru the entire process and some horses will remain in training for up to one year. Riders also can send them for 30 days, or until the issue is resolved. The best practice for a rider though is to work with the trainer to which you send the horse so you as a rider can follow the same program. Know that it is normal for an amateur rider to send a horse for training when an issue arises simply because trainers do this all day long, for many years. As a comparison – imagine trying to fix your truck yourself without help. For me its much to complicated – I just send it to a professional – there is no shame is asking for help.