Hunter Over Fences horse trainingTraining is provided on a monthly basis. All training is done at our facility on the Mission/Maple Ridge border. Training has an emphasis on understanding how the horse learns, providing a good base of basics and then moving forward at the horses pace.

Horses can come in at anytime in their riding career, whether that’s the start or if they might just need a tune up or maybe its a step in a new direction. Alicia Harper and Hylee Training specialize in Hunters and do the occasional jumper if it best suits the horse.  Horses in training can head out in the show string when the time is right for them and can be campaigned for owners or when the horse is ready for the owners can jump in and head out to the shows with their horse.

Alicia’s approach to training, is a very old school approach. Much like you would have seen from Fox Hunters in the 60s. Which includes a number more hours in the saddle then those of the current day trainer.  As well as many more experiences for the horse. Alicia believes exposing the horse to cross training and setting them up with the tools to make them Amateur friendly.

To get a good feel of Alicia’s style and program. Send us an email and we can set up a time to chat.


Current rate for training is $1000 per month. + GST