Online Coaching

Alicia offers online coaching, using bleeding edge technology to review submitted videos whether they live far away or down the road. All that is needed is a video camera to have an online lesson.

An initial phone call is scheduled to discuss goals, experience and what you outline about your horse. Next riders video a typical warm up and ride. The video can be emailed or posted online for Alicia to view. Alicia will then analyze the video to discuss.

A second phone call is scheduled  to discuss. Lessons can be live if the video has the ability to live stream.

Vlog gearing down for downward trasitionsHow to improve your ridingFor full time students, after the initial review a monthly training plan is created and weekly check in video and discussions are schedule.

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On top of online coaching one on one sessions Alicia offers a variety of online videos. Two series that are particularly to those who have their own horse is Improve Your Riding Series found on the Hylee Training You Tube channel and the Training Series.